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Agenda and Minutes

Agendas are drawn up by the Clerk to ensure that all relevant Council business is covered and that the agenda clearly identifies the business to be transacted. The phrase “Any Other Business” is vague and not specific enough for legitimate discussion nor decisions and will not be used. The agenda is published the week before the meeting and all relevant information about the business to be transacted at that meeting will be provided to the Councillors. Agendas are a summons to the meeting and failure to attend for six months (unless the Council decides in advance to extend the period) will result in disqualification from Office. 

Please note that all minutes are not approved until the following meeting. Minutes are completed by the Clerk. The minutes are a record of the business that has been transacted at the meeting. They are not a verbatim record of everything said, nor are they a tool for the advancement or promotion of a Councillor nor group of Councillors. They are the minutes of the Parish Council.

Councillors cannot direct the Clerk about what should or should not be in the minutes. The minutes will be circulated in draft form and any Councillor who disagrees with the minutes can challenge them at the next meeting, but unless there is a material inaccuracy in the minutes, they should be accepted and approved.

Agenda attachments may be requested by emailing the clerk: clerk@hhandw.org.uk.

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